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Ningbo Municipal bureau of national land and resource
Responsibilities Of The Organizations
  Office Department:
Comprehensive coordination of daily affairs bureau, responsible for government supervision, supervision......
  Planning and Finance (Audit Office):
The preparation of the implementation of the annual financial budget preparation and reporting of annual financial accounts, organizational implementation of the relevant financial accounting system......
Address Of The Organizations  
  Ningbo Bureau of Land and Resources:
  Address : Jiangdong District, Ningbo City, China An East Road No. 80 (East 9th Street Metro and the economy). Telephone : 0574-89284629
  Haishu District Land Resources Bureau:
  Address :Ningbo Haishu District No. 54, the southern section of City West Telephone : 0574-56867688
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The Bureau of Land Resources of Ningbo Address:No.1 Sanshi Road P.C:315042 Telephone:0574-89284626
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